Some of my Truther Creative Writing Pieces

Today I want to do something a bit different, I want to share a couple creative writing pieces I had created this past Spring Semester for University. I had taken a Creative Writing Class for my “art” requirement and I always liked to sprinkle truther content into my pieces to plant seeds and spread awareness.

This first one is a Poem I wrote for my Final Portfolio:


It’s time to wake up!

Step away from the distractions and your trinkets.

Break free from the programming

Indoctrinated in you from birth.

Every day they lie to us and fill us with fear

To distract us and get us to go along with their plans.

They have stolen our birthright and even changed our citizenship status

Way back in 1933.

Emergency Banking Relief Act,

From Private citizen to public national,

Enemy belligerents.

We became corporate entities, our real identity lost at sea,

Our birth certificate registering us to the State.

Now subject to the income tax, the property tax, the estate tax,

It’s all theft yet we agreed to it through our own ignorance.

Now we are nothing but slaves, slaves to the Jesuit Order,

Our masters in Rome.

Disinformation is all around us, pointing the blame on others,

“It’s the Jews!”, “It’s the Freemasons!”

Blaming anyone so long as no one exposes that indeed all roads lead to Rome.

This next piece is much longer and it was for our Creative Fiction section. And I chose to write about the Qanon phenomena. Granted I believe Qanon is controlled opposition and Hope Porn for the masses, same with Trump being a puppet. I did enjoy writing this piece as it allowed me to bring to light many different conspiracies and got other students to have to read it when we work-shopped this piece! Enjoy!


“The Storm is Here”

The thunderous roars of a mighty storm echoed throughout the capital city. The downpour of rain pummeled the rooftops and cars in the pitch dark of the night. The streets were empty of people save for some emergency crews responding to storm damage. In the midst of the storm raging outside, an important decision was being considered in the White House. The President had called a secretive meeting with a couple of his top military generals, his close advisors and the Attorney General. Not even the Vice President was to be trusted on this matter. Over the course of the past year, the President had directed his Attorney General to build a case against high level members of the government, including many members of Congress, and top leaders of the FBI and the CIA for corruption and high treason against the United States and her people. Over the last century, corruption had planted its roots very deep into the nation, this corruption, referred to by many as the “Deep State” was the true target of this administration. A deep web of conspiracies spanning from pedophile rings, false flag operations, indoctrinating the youth through public education and filling their minds with cultural Marxist ideals and beliefs, all a part of a grand scheme to bring down the United States and bring about the New World Order, the same New World Order System championed by former presidents, Popes, religious leaders, tech giants and major financial institutions alike.

The President sits patiently at his desk in the Oval Office, expecting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to arrive any moment now to get the final words as to whether the time had come to make their move. The door to the office jolts open and everyone in the room jerks with anticipation, however it was only a White House staffer bringing a round of waters to those in attendance. Every minute that passed waiting on Sessions’ arrival only increased the tension in the room, a tension so intense you could cut through it with a butter knife. The anxious silence of everyone there only made the staff member move quicker to pass out the waters and get out. The topic at hand was a very important decision that had to be made, that would have dire ramifications not only for the President and his administration, but for the entire nation, and even the whole world. If they go through with the plan, they would essentially be declaring war on a shadow government that is rooted in essentially every nation in the world, directed through privatized national banks owned by international banking families.

Only a very select few were in the know of what was really going to go down. Those in attendance for this meeting include President Donald Trump, Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Major General Mark Inch, Secretary of Defense General James Mattis, top advisor Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., and Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is yet to appear. Everyone in the room was growing tired of waiting around, except for President Trump and General Mattis, the former purely out of anticipation for what is to come, and the latter because of having built up great patience during his long career in the Military. Suddenly, the door to the Oval Office creaked open again, and instantly everyone eagerly turned their gaze to the door. It was Jeff Sessions, he quietly closed the door behind him and made his way to the President’s desk carrying a large stack of folders.

As he walked, he spoke, “Sorry for the delay everyone, I just wanted to be certain we have a proper case against them, all of them.” He proceeded to hand the President the stack of folders and take a seat on the couch.

“A delay? We should have cracked down on these criminals a year ago!” Kellyanne yelled out.

President Trump arose from his chair, raised his arms as if trying to appear like a great Messiah and stated, “Enough! If we acted too soon, these monsters could have been acquitted, no, we needed that time, we needed the facts to get out there, to usher in a Great Awakening for the American people.” Trump continued, “Q has done that, more people are more aware of the grand conspiracies that had been beset against them for at least a century now!” Referring primarily to the takeover of the nation’s economy by the Federal Reserve Banking System put in place by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913 that is privately owned and controlled by the Rothschilds Family, who have a long history of financing conflicts and bankrupting nations in order to garner control of people.

“So, then Sessions, shall we be ready to begin the Military Tribunals soon?” General Mattis asked with a stern look on his face.

“Absolutely, we now have everything we need to nail them, we already gas lighted a good portion of them already and exposed them to the public, and with public support, these people can finally be brought to justice.” Sessions replied gleefully with a proud smirk.

“What about their counter? They won’t simply allow all their main players to be prosecuted for treason! They could start a war just to incur a distraction!” Donny Jr. blurted out anxiously.

“As I said, the Great Awakening is in the works, Q has rallied the patriots, they know the truth, they know how they’ve been lied to repeatedly by the establishment, it’s ultimately up to the people to resist the coordinated chaos coming, the Deep State will do anything to maintain it’s control!” President Trump retorted, “These are the same people who staged mass shootings on American soil to attempt to force gun control and confiscations, these are the FBI directors who knew about and allowed known terrorists to carry out terror attacks, who ignored the blatant crimes committed by Clinton and the DNC, rigging the primary, screwing over Bernie Sanders, murdering the whistleblower Seth Rich!” Trump passionately exclaimed.

“Just like how they were behind 9/11, and the Gulf of Tonkin!” Kellyanne interjected.

“And when J.P. Morgan had the Titanic sunk to kill off the main opposite to the creation of the Federal Reserve who he ensured was on board!” Donny Jr. added.

“Exactly, the American people will stand for what is right, no longer divided by fake news pushing racial division and covering up for these sick, sick people.” President Trump stated as he continued to sift through the files.

“It still doesn’t change what they are capable of Mr. President!” Major General Mark Inch chimed in, “Remember JFK tried to stop the shadow government before, and the CIA had him assassinated, you need to lay low, enact martial law and let the Military bring these savages to justice.”

“Martial Law will be enacted.” Jeff Sessions replied hastily, “Until every last traitor is hung, until every last pedophile ring is busted, and those monsters castrated and executed, until every last alphabet soup agency is disbanded, until this nation is once again a Constitutional Republic.”

“Then it is settled” General Mattis said.

With a loud crackle, a large bolt of lightning illuminated the skies. With great satisfaction, President Trump arose from his seat and proudly stated, “The time has finally come, the pieces have fallen into place, the time of reckoning is here!” he paused briefly to sip his water and continued, “The storm has come! No matter what happens from this moment on, it’s up to us to restore our nation. It’s going to be tough, believe me, but it will be worth it.”

“So be it, we’ll get the Military mobilized and ready to start arresting these criminals immediately. Just be careful Mr. President, war will certainly come, as will coordinated economic tribulations, and you are a prime target for assassination.” General Mattis concluded as he saluted the President, performed an about face and left to prepare the coming tribunals.

As the meeting came to a close, President Trump stood at the windows in the Oval Office, gazing upon the magnificence of the storm raging outside. Like the storm outside wreaking havoc on the city, the ensuing arrests will lead to massive chaos in the nation as the divisive media plays upon the polarized masses of the nation; black vs white, man vs woman, gay vs straight, theist vs atheist. In his hands he held proof that what the media puts out were lies meant to divide and conquer the people, and once the truth comes out it’s up to the free thinkers to unite together and stand against the evil. He smiled to himself, the patriots largely considered him a modern-day King Cyrus, a Persian King of the Old Testament that conquered Babylon and ended the Babylonian Captivity and allowed the Israelites to return to Israel. He knew that the pieces were set to fall accordingly, and the time to act had finally come.

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