Stop Limiting God: My Vision with Hempworx

The other day I wrote about spiritual attacks and how they can drag people down into a slump. But like clockwork, after posting it and spending time in prayer and fellowship through other online believers, I felt a great weight lifted off of me. Like I had a renewed urgency in life, a newfound confidence, and a massive drive of determination. Just different things in my life coming together, and I can finally see all these different truths I have learned over the years finally being able to be applied to do good, and to provide newer opportunities.

As many of you already know, I have gotten into the CBD Oil Industry doing sales, right now mainly through Facebook. I joined in with Hempworx because I tried their products and they truly work wonders for so many issues. I’ve gone into details in some of my previous postings about CBD Oil but I can’t stop spreading the word of how powerful CBD Oil is for us.


My anxiety has been melted away, my migraine headaches are gone, I used to suffer an almost daily headache to the point I was taking 2-3 Excedrin migraine reliefs tablets at the first sign of a headache coming, but now I have only had a handful in the past couple weeks and even then, the severity was nothing compared to how they were. And the best part is, CBD Oil does all this without any of the harmful side effects that come with over the counter drugs or God forbid, medication from Big Pharma.

I have also talked about Big Pharma slightly in some other posts, mainly that their goal is not to cure us or help us. But instead they keep us sick and get rich while only treating the symptoms, and never the root cause. They will never tell you to follow a REAL, healthy diet, they will never tell you to fast, and they will never promote natural holistic medicine which would include oils like CBD.


So what I want to focus this post on, using the previous topics to come together, is my ultimate vision for what I want to achieve going through Hempworx and this dream will require massive amounts of prayer, and will require more and more people to reject mainstream medicine and instead turn back to God. I want to topple Big Pharma and the entire modern medical establishment. These establishments are evil. They push poison on ignorant and suffering patients, keeping them sick, and allowing people to die a slow and painful death all in the pursuit of money, and more so because they need a labor force, but one that is too sick and fatigued to do anything against the status quo after their hours.

Allowing people to merely die, or completely healing people with natural medicines that they won’t need to go see a Doctor or go to a hospital to receive would cost them too much. For them it is better to merely treat and not cure. That’s why they don’t tell Type 2 Diabetics to lay off all sugars and carbs and do a ketogenic diet, but instead just give them insulin. All that does is FEED diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is reversible. Cancer also is a big one, instead of prescribing CBD Oil or Vitamin B17 which is found in apricot or apple seeds, they instead put people through radiation poisoning called Chemotherapy, which just makes life miserable; hair loss, loss of appetite, pain, etc. And yes you can claim ignorance for the nurses, or new doctors; but it only goes so far, eventually when the evidence continues to mount up and they still go with what they were taught and what their bosses tell them to do (remember doctors get kick backs from Big Pharma – medication and vaccines) they NEED to be held accountable.

Now many of you are probably saying “that is impossible” or “they are too big to fail” and yes sure, I am just some random guy. But I am not just some random guy, nor are you just some random man or woman. You have a name, you have an identity, you were CREATED by God above. Every hair one your head is numbered, yes numbered, not only does God know how many hairs are on your head, each hair is a specific hair. You are special, and if you are saved by Grace and are born again, you belong to the Kingdom of Heaven, you have power in Jesus’ name.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

So with that, we have a huge opportunity here with Hempworx. First and foremost we spread these products so that people can have natural, God-given medicine! And from that these people can be freed from the cesspools called Hospitals and get off their poisons prescribed by their greedy doctors working for Big Pharma. And with this growing, we could also build wealth for ourselves with the way Hempworx works, you can join the company as an affiliate for only $20 and then help sell and spread these products where you get compensation and build a team under you! And with each person that gets released from Prescription medication, that’s less money going to Big Pharma, there’s less sickness in the world. And the more people that heal naturally, the faster the word would spread. Exponential growth!

Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”

CBD Oil itself treats a grand plethora of ailments and medical issues, both physical, emotion and mental! And combine that with healthier diets like the Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and other holistic health practices, then we have the potential to see the entire medical establishment come crashing to the ground OR the possibility for them to finally adapt and starting really treating patients properly. And we desperately need these real natural medicines now, more than ever. 5G towers are going up all over the place, which can cause cancers in individuals. More and more vaccines are being created which we already KNOW causes many ailments in people (NOT JUST AUTISM) since we aren’t supposed to have heavy metals injected directly into our bloodstream.

I’m telling you there is great potential here, not just for your health, or for generating income. But to do greater things, any and all truth matters to God, truth about health and nutrition included. God does not like the way things are. Do you think he enjoys seeing his beautiful creations suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, etc. No. He provided all the medicine we require, it’s time to say no to the synthetic drugs they try to push on us. It’s time to take a stand against Satan’s Kingdom and pave the way for the Kingdom of God, cutting a swathe right through Satan’s Medical inquisition. Are you with me on this vision? Please pray for these great opportunities to be able to come to pass.

If interested, you can pre-enroll if you are looking to be an affiliate for Hempworx here:

To order Hempworx CBD Products, go here:


God Bless!

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