What CBD Oil Has Done For Me


Over the past couple years I have been learning more and more about the REAL science behind health and nutrition. Our body is a temple designed to naturally detox harmful toxins that don’t belong in us. However our environment is extremely toxic and mixed in with the terrible Standard American Diet that is now being spread all over the Earth, people need to be actively aid the body in detoxing and getting back to health.

One of the best choices in supplements to aid the body in this case is CBD Oil, or cannabinoids found in Hemp plants in which our body has natural cannabinoid receptors to absorb these chemical compounds. These cannabinoids work wonders to heal the body, help with many of the various organ functions including brain health, heart health, the digestive system and the nervous system.


What Brand Do I Recommend?

Over the years I have tried different brands, some were just hemp seed oils you can buy at big retail stores, and I have tried some that I ordered off Amazon that claimed to be CBD Oil but were yet again made from hemp seed oil. Which there is a difference between the two.

Real CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the Hemp plant, whereas Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is extracted from the seed, and does not contain the same levels of cannabinoids. Hemp oil is still nutritionally healthy to consume, but does not contain the same health benefits as pure CBD oil.

And then I tried Hempworx CBD Oil which arrived at my house two weeks ago. I’ve been taking it first thing in the morning and again right before I go to bed. During these two weeks I have noticed so many different benefits within my health in only this short time.

My entire life I have always suffered from intense headaches and at least 4-5 migraines a month. I got so sick of that I would ensure I always had plenty of Excedrin migraine relief pills ready at any point, which are TERRIBLE for your liver! But since taking the CBD oil I have noticed that I have only had a couple headaches and even then, they were not nearly as painful as they used to be! And they only last me a couple hours instead of the entire day!


Another huge success I have found is my anxiety. Again my entire life I have always had intense anxiety, just overall. No real reason behind it. Over the past two weeks, slowly but surely I am finding that my anxiety is peeling away, and with that is a huge boost in confidence. I feel like my mind is cleared up and the blockage is being flushed away. I’m able to think more clearly and articulate my thoughts precisely.

Now I will note that I do not go to the doctors. I have not seen a doctor since I was in the Army which I have no been out for four years. But through symptoms I have noticed in myself, and through following legitimate doctors online such as Dr. Eric Berg or Dr. Jason Fung, I have found that I have gallbladder issues due to right shoulder pain and suffering from GERD. Also possible symptoms of being pre-diabetic which I believe most of the American population is due to the Standard American Diet.

Acid Reflux has been very noticeably reduced since starting on Hempworx CBD Oil, I would sometimes suffer it up to three times a day, usually from my coffee which I do not want to give up! I would be taking so many Tums which of course only make the underlying issue WORSE! And the CBD Oil by helping treat the cause, which is gallbladder issues, the right shoulder pain/discomfort has been severely reduced as well!

Dizziness, difficulty breathing at times, chronic fatigue, stress, these were all things I have had for at least the past couple years. Yet all these symptoms I can clearly feel being relieved slowly but surely since I started taking CBD Oil twice daily. Obviously they do not go away overnight, it takes time, but the severity reduces further each day.

So these are some of the biggest things that taking CBD Oil has done for ME! But there are countless stories and testimonies from other people that use it for a wide assortment of other issues.


The benefits are endless! And Hempworx provides a wonderful opportunity to not only get these products (they also have topically applied CBD products for the skin!) for your health benefits, but you can also become an affiliate and spread this medicine for others to enjoy and earn yourself an income in the process! And they also offer products for your furry friends as well! Cats and Dogs have the very same cannabinoid receptors that we do and they reap the same benefits!


We see the stories all the time of those poor children suffering from seizures and the only thing that helps them is CBD Oil. There is a reason that there is a movement to recognize the many benefits of these naturally grown plants!

Cannabis is THE fastest growing industry right now, especially with legalization spreading across the United States and the Western World in general. And if you’re don’t want to get the psychotropic effects that come with smoking marijuana, then you don’t have to worry about that with CBD Oil, you reap the same health benefits but CBD oil only had 0.3% THC, which is the chemical compound that gets one stoned.

And if you are still worried because you fear CBD oil will interfere with a drug test for work, worry not. Hempworx offers a CBD Oil that filters out that 0.3% THC to offer a THC FREE CBD Oil.


So if this sparks your interest, or if you have any remaining questions or concerns, please email me at William1992smith@gmail.com

And if you are interested, you can find more information or order these products here: http://www.hempworx.com/William1992smith

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or customer but don’t wish to join today, you can lock in a spot for yourself by pre-enrolling and signing up with your information, link here: http://www.hempworxbizop.com/William1992smith

And once again, thank you for reading!

God bless!



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