MK-Ultra: Mind Control Program

Oh yes, this “crazy conspiracy theory” that we called mind control, otherwise known as MK-Ultra. Also some refer to it as Project Monarch. It all began in the mid-20th century as a secret CIA project to figure out how to control human populations to suit the needs of the World Powers.

Obviously it started after World War II and the United States and the Soviet Union were in the midst of the “Cold War”. The CIA, just like NASA, had it’s ranks filled by ex-Nazi’s brought over via Operation Paperclip. These former Nazi’s already set the threshold for research into future mind control operations as the Nazi’s had already implemented human experimentation in the Concentration Camps.

One of the major symbols for MK-Ultra Programming is the butterfly, and you will see this everywhere, especially around Hollywood celebrities, or any of these big media “news” casters.

Butterfly Symbolism Mind Control Programming MK ultra

These mind control experiments were conducted all throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and continued on well into the 80’s, 90’s and even still today, as we can see the butterfly symbolism being tattooed on just so many different celebrities that it would just have to be one huge coincidence!

Different avenues used in these operations include television PROGRAMMING, subliminal messages in music, psychedelic drugs, electroshock therapy, and I also believe the whole “targeted individual” phenomena is directly connected to this as well, which includes gang-stalking and directed energy weapons to mess with people’s psyche and mental health. I believe targeted individuals are used as guinea pigs of sorts before these tactics get used on anyone that could be deemed a threat to the New World Order in the general public.

Through these different tactics, they can indoctrinate entire populations to whatever they desire. They can destroy morality and ethics by promoting sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, they can get everyone to believe we landed on the Moon. They can get the world to believe planes crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11, where I am beginning to lean that those were in fact merely holographic images.

9_11 GhostFlash.gif

LSD of course was especially used in human experimentation. LSD, or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, otherwise known as Acid, was accidentally discovered to have psychedelic qualities when Albert Hofmann absorbed some of the chemical. Over the coming decades, the U.S. Military and the CIA would seek to use LSD as a method of attaining mind control capabilities, and also as a part of chemical warfare. A lot of experiments were done using LSD on US military service members to see how effective it would be to unleash this drug on unsuspecting enemy armies.

Furthermore this continued with the entire Hippie Movement and is tied in to the rise of Rock N’ Roll and other modern genres of music that play into worldly and material desires rather than more spiritually uplifting music. We see a resurgence in the popularity of psychedelics today as well with the Rave Culture and Electric Dance Music, in a way it’s all like a coming together of the Hive Mind, with the technology and the Oneness feelings that overwhelm people when on psychedelic drugs. I’ve covered this in a previous post about the New Age Deception, but as I believe, ALL conspiracies are connected in some way, they all connect to the Grand Conspiracy which is Satan’s rebellion against God.

Why understanding why they use psychedelics is crucial is because it is through these, which they help popularize by making it illegal. It’s not that they don’t want you doing these drugs though, they absolutely do. Why else would they romanticize them in Hollywood, and in music and the culture in general? Once again, it’s the Hegelian Dialectic in play. But when people explore these higher realms while under the influence of these drugs, they are in direct contact with spiritual beings, Demonic spiritual beings that influence you into the lovey-dovey New Age spirituality.


Yeah TV is the obvious elephant in the room when discussing MK-Ultra, right behind the experiments using LSD. Through television, they influence people from a very young age to be molded into the proper, NWO citizen. It teaches men to be the “nice guy”, it spreads feminism, the “news” is fake news that only they allow to reach the public’s eye.

And I mean anything and everything that is wrong with society today can be linked back to the entertainment industry. You can’t watch any modern show today without there being a LGBT couple kissing in a scene or some other form of Cultural Marxism influencing the younger generations. Fornication, abortion, fighting, getting drunk, drugs, etc… it’s all glorified in the media, the movies, the shows… kids grow up thinking that’s what there is to look forward to, they are kept blind to the more spiritual side to life. I guess that can be argued that today there is the faux-spirituality, aka New Age that is popular among these generations, Just like 1 Timothy Chapter 4 talks about.

Beyond even what is shown overtly or even subliminally in television, is the fact the the TV or video game console, replaces the parents alongside the Public indoctrination schools raising our kids to be non-thinking serfs. But these kids are placed in front of a TV screen and aren’t getting the attention they need from their parents. And each subsequent generation gets worse and worse with it. Newer parents don’t realize how much attention their kids should be getting since they, themselves never got adequate attention from their parents either. It goes all the way back to the “Greatest Generation” letting their Baby Boomer children grow up on TV. And then the Boomers allow their Gen X and Millennial Children to grow up on more TV and now video games too. And today, Gen Z is literally being raised on the internet. Why do you think all these millennials and Gen Z kid’s are running around seeking any form of attention? They hunger for attention that they never got as a kid. I’m not at all justifying what these kids are doing, I’m simply explaining why it’s occurring. Technology is too rampant, and is dumbing down humanity. Maybe you can piece together how everything has been set in motion by the Jesuits in charge..

Different alleged “mass shooters”, all on psychotropic drugs prescribed by Big Pharma owned Doctors. 

Again going back to the targeted individuals, they use gang-stalking to cause fear, anxiety, and all sorts of negative emotions in these targeted individuals (TI). They do this to gaslight them, they want them to lash out in rage or frustration, commit a crime, or even kill themselves. These TI are chosen because they are either an easy test subject, or they may know too much about a certain subject or is a threat to the NWO agenda in some degree. These TI are often called schizophrenic for what they claim, but that is exactly how the targeting works. It’s intended to look innocent enough so that the TI will look crazy when they attempt to point out the gang-stalkers using hand signs to communicate with each-other. Think of the movie, The Truman Show, when Truman starts noticing the radio station monitoring his every move and everyone around him has an ear piece and moves in accordance to the broadcasts… it works very similar to that. I believe these patsy’s blamed for these mass shootings, which again I believe are complete hoaxes full of crisis actors, are under deep mind control through taking these medications, most likely they too were TI. Also supposedly, there are “sleeper cells” through the United States, which are usually normal people, but if they hear a “trigger word”, which is a word that is specifically meant for that person to come under the effects of mind control and they can carry out attacks or go crazy or anything that they will be coerced to do.

Subliminals EVERYWHERE



Disney is among one of the top dogs when it comes to mind control, since they make most of the children’s movies. Yet these films always promote sorcery and magick, and even Christian parents get into it, they suspend disbelief for the sake of enjoying the story. I’m not going to say something is wrong to watch if you know it is fiction and you can separate that fact from reality. But these kids do not realize that. But sexual subliminal messages are prevalent throughout all these movies and it’s absolutely sickening. Not to mention Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Freemason and we born-again Christians have zero business associating with those Luciferians.

I believe these mind control programs are still 100% in full effect today. Although they are much more intricate and well hidden. They have so many avenues to gain access to our minds, they can use frequencies, patterns, hypnosis, drugs, different chemicals (like fluoride), the list goes on and on. Today most of the population is very heavily under the influence of these mind control spells, and that is exactly what it is, it’s sorcery and also demonic possession. It’s giving in to the Hive Mind to think for you. What do you think the reason behind smart technology is? And the Smart Grid along with 5G? Mixed in with the lie of man-made Climate Change, these AI technologies will make better decisions for us than we can. Then even further we will continue to stop thinking for ourselves, giving ourselves over completely to the Beast System.

I would like to conclude this post today with a Facebook Post I wrote last night dealing in part with this subject, and will lead into future subjects as well.

“The vast majority of people have no clue as to the extreme EVIL that exists in this world, the amount of evil you see on the mainstream media isn’t even scratching the surface, and that’s only what they ALLOW the public to know about, all apart of a controlled transition phase.

But even amongst truthers, most of you still have very little comprehension of the COMPLETE and UTTER depravity that exists in this world, all the lies, all the little children being stolen, sold as child sex slaves, or sacrificed in blood rituals, or used as MK Ultra slaves from a very young age to be the next generation of celebrities, singers, actors, actresses, etc. And don’t be fooled, it’s not just the “elites” at the top that are guilty, we are ALL guilty for our blissful ignorance. for our apathy, for paying taxes that support these crimes… We are all utterly depraved by our very nature.

This is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is vital to the truth movement at large. It’s the ultimate truth to be found, is that we can be redeemed, we can be spiritually born again, given a new life with the Holy Spirit entering into us. We cannot save ourselves, all we end up doing is building up the Babylonian Matrix by continuing to put faith in our own ego.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

God bless!

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