In Defense of Biblical Israel

During a Time of Great Deceptions

The topic of the State of Israel is a very controversial subject today. It’s like that in truther circles, Christian groups, even in the general public. It’s the center of political, religious and social conflict in the Middle East between the State of Israel and the neighboring Arab nations and the Palestinians that claim their lands have been stolen.

I’m going to come to you with a stance that isn’t too common, most people turn this into a black and white issue, as they do with most topics when they should never be treated like that. Like most issues, there is a lot of gray area and deception taking place to promote division. For me I do NOT support the State of Israel, as in the Jesuit-controlled government currently led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. who is seeking to make Jerusalem an international city which would give the Vatican control of the city to set up their Temple.

And of course the culture is generally very secular and heavily promotes the LBGT agenda, abortion, etc. It’s certainly not righteous by any means. But the vital thing to remember is that God is going to return his focus to Israel, and they are STILL in Covenant with him.

Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

netan jesuit.jpg
Netanyahu meeting with his Jesuit Master, the Jesuit Pope Francis. December 2, 2013.

Hebrew Israelites as a Race

So while I do not support the government of Israel, I do support the Jewish people that fulfilled Biblical Prophecy and returned to that land. That is the land promised to Abraham and his descendants, the racial Hebrew Israelites of which these Jews represent the Tribe of Judah.

Now of course there are many different opinions out there on who the racial Israelites are, many different cults exist like the hatefully racist Black Hebrew Israelites, whom also promote heresies such as Jesus isn’t God manifest in the flesh, promote works based salvation, and also promote tradition black African pagan rituals as well as voodoo and witchcraft which are both obviously satanic. Then there are also the whites that claim the real Jews are white Caucasians which is also false.

Now racial Jews and even their cousin race, the Arabs are much closer to Caucasoid than Negroid when looking at bone structure. The Caucasoid race (which includes the Europeans, Persians and Indians) originated in the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Turkey, of which of course Mount Ararat exists, where Noah’s Ark landed. We know the three main races stemmed from Noah’s three sons. Ham fathered the Negroid race, Japheth fathered the Caucasoid race, and Shem fathered the Mongoloid (Asian) races, including the Hebrew Israelites as Abraham is a descendant of Shem.

Jeremiah 30:3 “For, lo, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, saith the LORD: and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it.”


One thing is for certain, we must be willing to understand the TRUTH that there are differences between the races. That does not mean one race is superior to another, or that one race should be able to take advantage of another, but there are real differences. And that can be seen in advantages to different diets and physical advantages or mental advantages. In the end God created all these races and he meant for them to remain unique, especially after the Tower of Babel, but alas I am diverging off the topic.

God set aside the Hebrew Israelites after the coming of Christ, as the Israelites were in the Great Diaspora through the four corners of the Earth. This is the dispensation of Grace, the Church age. This does not mean that God is finished with them, nor that they are the enemy as many Jesuit Coadjutors attempt to preach. God is setting them aside for the future 70th Week of Daniel, also known as the 7 Year Tribulation, the latter half being the Great Tribulation or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

We know from Genesis that God made an ETERNAL Covenant with Abraham and his future descendants with makes up all the twelve tribes of Israel. God did not mince his words, eternal means FOREVER. Not just until the coming of the Messiah, whom the Israelites missed because they were looking for him to come in great glory and destroying Israel’s enemies, instead he came as a humble Baby born in a manger.

So with the 70th Week of Daniel being yet to come, and the signs of the times pointing to the Dispensation of Grace soon coming to an end, it should be fairly obvious that the Jesuits that are fully aware of God’s prophecies as they serve their demonic masters would want to pit the Church against the Hebrew Israelites. Satan knows he is damned if God wins, he foolishly believes he can still win by subverting God’s prophecies here on Earth, and at the very least make sure as many people go to the Lake of Fire with him, Satan’s intense jealousy over man knows no end.

A History of Blaming the Jews

Historically Rome as pointed the blame at the Jews for what they, themselves were doing. Specifically what the Jesuit Order has been doing for the past 500 years. They do with a very coordinated effort by placing Papal Court Jews in high places that are in the spotlight. These positions include heads of banks, high political advisors, running Satanic Hollywood that is full of perverts and pedophiles. They do this because for one, it takes any blame off the Jesuit Order, and two, it in fact will bring in more support of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits when they will once again in the future attempt to kill off all the Jews and Israelites.

We see this starting to come to fruition. Obviously the Arab states will be going against Israel is the very near future, primarily Syria and Turkey. But we see growing hatred and resent for Israel from all sides of the political and social spectrum. From the alt-right, to the far socialist-communist left, to the Muslim world, the Catholic world, Blacks are being indoctrinated into their silly black hebrew israelite deceptions and think they are the true Israelites and thus hate Israel. Whites are being told the Jews are to blame for forced multiculturalism, open borders, feminism, etc when in reality it’s been the workings of the Jesuit Order to destroy predominantly white-protestant nations.

I fear in the coming years, many self-proclaimed Christians that continue to spout this anti-Jewish rhetoric will find themselves on the receiving end of God’s wrath and judgement. You’ll notice historically just looking at how well Protestant nations prospered economically and with political freedom after separating from the Catholic Church. One of these major factors is they gave sanctuary for the Jews and thus they were blessed by God for doing so. Catholic nations remained poor, and still many do to this day because they instead blame and persecute the Jewish people.

What side will you be on? I know it’s tempting to jump on the bandwagon and hate Israel and hate the Jews, and give in to false notions that the real Hebrews are black, or white, or anything but the people you see living in Israel now.

What Jesus would’ve looked more like, not the Cesare Borgia, blond hair, blue eyed hippie you see everywhere.

Notice that this is neither white Caucasoid or black Negroid? You heretics need to get off your high horse and accept the fact that you are gentiles, and you can be saved by Grace, and that is how you are brought into the Kingdom of God. There is no Replacement of the Hebrew Israelites as that Replacement Theology heresy preaches. The Church and Israel are separate!

Alright to conclude this post before I continue to go off course again, going back to the beginning when talking about the gray area. You can be both against the current government of Israel and the planned Two-State Solution, while also still supporting the people that have made Israel a nation. You can argue it was “stolen” from the Palestinians, but I would counter that with what nation wasn’t stolen through conflict? Why is Israel the only nation that is held up to a much higher standard in that regard? I mean a nation like England, founded in A.D. 1060, endured conquest after conquest after conquest… yet no one disputes the authenticity of England today. And that’s only one example. I will also conclude with the fact that the term “Palestine” itself was a name given to the region by ROME! You know the Empire that conquered Israel and governed it during Christ’s lifetime. You know, the same city that still rules the world. The same City, that still wants to control Jerusalem today.  Put the pieces together. Palestine doesn’t exist.


Well I pray you get what I’m attempting to say here, I believe this anti-Israel, anti-Jew agenda is one of the major end times deceptions that we are warned about. Just remember, Christ is King of Israel, and he will sit in Jerusalem after his return and rule with a Rod of Iron. I hope that I can wake up just a few people at the very least with this post, so that they may not have to suffer for persecuting the Jews.







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  1. Nathan M Ricker says:

    Tribe of Dan headed to Europe and became Denmark. (land of Dan)

    Other tribes dispersed elsewhere.
    Jews are now just Judah and remnants of others.

    The purpose of Isreal and the church is the same. Before christ, the temple was were you could meet God’s presence now God has established His temple in our hearts.

    The goal is still the same to establish a royal, holy, priesthood to lead the world in right relationship with the creator.


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