Why King James Bible Only?

This is a common thing among born-again Christians is that the more they seek God on a daily basis and absorb themselves in God’s Word, they begin to notice discrepancies between the different Bible translations, talking primarily about the English translations in this post. And as you look into these discrepancies, you notice that these modern translations have certain verses removed completely or parts that completely change what is being said.


You can see with this example alone, that the KJB is the only one that gives the full message of Luke 4:4. It seems very slight to a new believer, but what those translations take out is dangerous! By taking out “but by every word of God”, people can justify making up their own spiritual belief, or giving way to New Age infiltration of the Church — which we certainly see taking place today with the charismatic churches.

The Bible is meant to be read literally, of course there are certain parts of the Bible that are parables, but they are indicated as such. So outside of the parables and some metaphors in God’s word, it should be read literally and not allegorically or symbolically.

The beauty of the King James version of the Bible is that it was translated during the Protestant Reformation directly from the Greek texts rather than the Latin Vulgate. Greek being one of the most precise and exact languages on Earth as well as the fact that the New Testament books were originally written in Greek. Thus, it is the most direct translation to the English language for English speaking peoples.


I mean these photos do the speaking for me honestly. There’s not much else to add in. These modern translations used by the Apostate Church today dilute God’s Word and allow disbelief to continue to spread. Every born again Christian that speaks English as their primary language should be reading the King James Bible, so that we can grow a better understanding of the truth of our Glorious God, our Lord Jesus Christ, true history in the Old Testament, and read the prophecies literally as they were meant to be, as these prophecies are today coming to pass.

It’s important that we have a true understanding of these things and allow our faith to continue to grow. That is what our journey as Born-again Christians is supposed to be, being in-dwelled with the Holy Spirit and allowing God to take the lead in our life, and that means submitting ourselves to God’s Will, and reading his WHOLE Word, which can only truly be found in the King James Bible, again for English speaking peoples.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I know this one was very short but it was something I felt convicted to write about as I am seeing many people questioning why others like myself only trust the KJB. There’s an entire plethora of information out there to get further understanding and I have written about some of it myself in, “The Glorious Protestant Reformation” Post. So please check those out!

God bless!


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