MGTOW: The Destruction of the Family Unit


One of the largest attacks that the Cultural Marxist front has had against Western Civilization over the past couple decades is the destruction of the family unit. This traditional family unit which has successfully allowed families to grow and thrive in predominately white-protestant nations is a threat to the New World Order being able to take over the United States completely.

This attack comes from multiple fronts, the LGBT crowd slams the traditional unit as they want two women or two men that are together to be able to adopt or raise kids of their own, and of course the transsexual fad where biological women are being the dads and biological men are now carrying babies. And then, there’s the elephant in the room, Feminism. First wave, second wave, or this new radical third wave feminism, it makes no difference.

Feminism is like a cancer, once it takes root in a nation, then it continues to spread until either the host culture get’s completely changed, or the host nation purges it from existence. In my MGTOW post, Men Going Their Own Way, I argued that the vast majority of women today are feminists, even those that claim they “hate feminism.” If one is against traditional roles then one is a feminist. And with this taint of feminism comes the radical feminizing of men over the previous decades especially as the family unit has been butchered thanks to no fault divorces and female hypergamy being rewards, and a whole swarm of thirsty and desperate betas willing to act as a footstool for any women that looks their direction.


A lot of you may hate the message that I am talking about today, but sadly it’s just the harsh reality of the world and society we live in. Some people claim I “hate women”, I do not hate women, I hate what feminism has done to women, and the family structure as a whole. It creates a whole slew of problems that continue to pile up because by destroying the family unit, and taking away the father figure, the next generations are growing up to be degenerates.

Females without a good father figure are whores, males without a father figure either turn to crime, as seen widely in black communities as they were generally the test subjects for Cultural Marxism, or the rest become effeminate and simps that get led onto the lie that women want and desire a “good man” when that is CLEARLY not the case.

We got so many single mothers out there being praised as they kick the fathers out of the home, a lot of which I’ll agree are deadbeats, but not all of them are. But these women need to stop getting by the scrutiny as they keep going back to these deadbeats to breed. I’m not going to bow down and claim it’s remarkable that you are supporting your family as a single mother when it is GENERALLY because of your choices that you are a single mother. Now your children are being raised by the public education, aka the State, and not by their parents. Also they get to miss out on having a father figure in their life.

What happens now is these single mothers raise their daughters as best friends and train them on manipulation tactics to take advantage of a man using emotions as a weapon to get money, status, etc. While they also raise their sons to be simps, subservient lapdogs to every female they come across, taught to white knight and chase, do unnecessary favors just because a woman smiled at him.

And once again I do not hate women, I’m just objectively exposing the truth, from things I have observed, heard from testimonies from plenty of other men, or hearing women talk about the things they do with pride and not giving a care about the men they hurt. I mean just listen to this clip below!

All these things have been cleverly planned and orchestrated by Satan in order to destroy the traditional, christian family unit to distract men from being devout believers in God, that consult the Lord Jesus Christ in all things, to someone that instead focuses on what a woman thinks he should do, always striving to win a woman’s approval. And why is that? Because sex is a tool, a tool that is in high demand and women completely control it. This is also why there is an agenda to promote promiscuous behavior, wearing revealing clothing, etc, etc.


Ultimately by destroying the family unit and stripping the man of this power in these relationships, it allows the undermining of a nation from within, as the children of each successive generation is then raised by the state and not the parents. And then, the cancer continues to get worse! All in the name of “equality!” All the while men are still expected to maintain their masculine roles such as provides and protecting, but they have to also pick up the pieces at home with cooking and cleaning. These are the reasons that I endorse MGTOW, it’s the only rational solution to checkmate society, as more men go their own way and reject what marriage as become, then society will be forced to kill itself with Cultural Marxism, or reject it and return to traditional values, either way is a win-win for men. Let me tell you, with a 50% divorce rate overall and a 93% divorce rate for millennial marriages, it’s not the sacred institution it once was! God also told us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

2 Corinthian 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”

I hope that many of you can see the true dangers of feminism and Cultural Marxism and how destructive it is to culture and society as a whole. With the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time until this entire civilization comes crashing down.

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