The Christian Life: Two Kinds of Success in the World

Fulfilling Success vs. Worldly Success

There have been many a nights that I have spent watching motivational video after motivational video to help inspire me as in many ways, this world drains me. There are many profound truths to be heard in these videos, and in some ways they very much overlap with having a disciplined life revolving around PRAYER and having FAITH. Yet in the videos, they show clips of famous athletes, celebrities, etc that kind of puts me off. I don’t view that as the kind of success I yearn for, super wealthy and famous is what many Westerners of my generation want. But the people they look up to in that respect, were generally CHOSEN.


That’s not to say these celebrities and famous athletes don’t have talent, not at all. But I am saying that all professional sports is rigged. I’m saying famous musicians no longer write their own music and they have to push a subliminal agenda with their music videos. I’m saying if you want to be a famous actor or actress, you’re going to need to do sexual acts with some producers, male or female, it makes no difference to these cretins in charge.

But unfortunately, our culture is centered around celebrity worship! Everyone wants to be rich and famous! It’s all vanity…it’s fleeting..and none of it will go with you past the grave.

But then there is success in doing what you enjoy, or something that makes you feel accomplished. And there’s no real limit as to what that is. That can be in sports, or business, or a mere simplistic lifestyle. It’s what you make of it. The difference between this and what I described above, even if you seek to be wealthy. Is that you do it because you enjoy it. maybe you’re helping people with what you do, it fulfills you, makes you feel alive.

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But especially for my Christian brethren, or anyone who’s path goes against the status quo, you can find fulfillment to doing your work in serving God, whether purely in the Ministry, or doing labor, business, etc in a Godly manner. But if you stick with your principles and refuse to budge, do not expect to make it rich! Any pastor you see living in abundance of wealth, is not spreading the true Gospel, they are tickling people’s ears and making lot’s of money in the meantime. Of course Joel Osteen comes to mind first with his New Age, Law of Attraction mumbo jumbo under a Christian guise.

What I mean is, look at Nikola Tesla. He essentially was behind AC electric motors and even came very close to developing a wireless grid that would deliver free energy to everyone by utilizing the Flat Earth itself, the electro-magnetics of the Sun and Moon generate an electric field. Tesla was highly intelligent and focused on his work, and he also stuck with his virtues. He never sold out for money, he ended up dying poor and alone while his work was essentially stolen by Edison and General Electric, and now we are stuck on a wired grid, throwing money away at greedy electric companies.


I bring Tesla up, because he’s a good example of what you will face if you stick with your principles. You will find success in overcoming obstacles and fulfilling your spirit in hard work, but the earthly pursuits in regards to materialism will be kept from you by the system. That’s not to say every noble pursuit out there you won’t make money, that’s not what I’m saying, but you won’t make nearly as much as the individual that literally sold their soul and drops every aspect of morality and ethics out the window. Think of the businessman that screws others over for his own gain, he will get rich, fame, living his “great life now!” as Osteen would say.

But then there’s the other businessman that has virtues, and reads his Bible, follows his Lord Jesus Christ. He has to grind and hustle on a daily basis just to make ends meet. Maybe it will take 20 years before he begins making decent profit, but he sticks to his principles the entire time, and through consistent prayer and faith, eventually he will succeed, but he trusts the journey. And I believe in the end, he will have had a much more fulfilling life in his spirit than the greedy, unethical businessman as his only accomplishments are materialistic.

Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

Now I talked about what I believe the fundamental issue with this celebrity worship culture in a previous post, instant gratification vs delayed gratification. I would say most people today want success NOW! They don’t see the value in working hard and being able to reap the benefits down the line for the work they do.

Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

That’s why so many actors, musicians, etc want to make it big in Hollywood, they pack up and move to L.A. for their big future, and then get caught up in the materialistic lifestyle that persists there. So few actually make it big and a lot of the times it’s not about real, natural talent. There are thousands of really talented individuals that never get known. That’s because those that make it big in Hollywood, sell their souls, they are offered a choice to perform sexual acts with the deviants that are in charge, you can see this finally coming to light in recent months with Harvey Weinstein. And don’t be fooled, he was definitely not the only one. I think it’s rampant in almost every entertainment industry, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s involved in professional sports too.

My main point is don’t get caught up in envy and jealousy for those “successful” people you see on TV, it comes at a HUGE price. You should seek to be honest and virtuous in your work, whatever that may be. Like I said, you can apply this to any industry and God can make you successful in whatever capacity you NEED to be. That could also involve going off the grid and raising your own food, that too is success.

You don’t need to compare yourself to others, in a lot of ways, Success is really overcoming the obstacles and fears that your own mind creates. Seek God diligently, pray and fast regularly, and you will begin to notice God working in your life, trust the journey.. Don’t demand instantaneous success overnight!

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