True Science: Young Earth Creationism

So far I have written a five-part series on the truth about the Flat Earth we live on which is a vital component of understanding Creationism. We’ve discussed how the globe and the heliocentric Universe gives rise to false BELIEFS such as the Big Bang, evolution, aliens, Nibiru being a planet that will orbit between us and the Sun, etc. All these BELIEFS get obliterated when you read the Word of God for yourself and apply it to what can be observed in the world around you.

Science –¬†the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

This is the official definition of what real science is. For something to be a scientific fact, it must be both OBSERVABLE and being able to run multiple experiments that garner the same results! Well duh! We’re all taught this in our elementary science classes. We’re taught the official definition of science and then go through the history of “scientific discoveries”, where we as young student merely assume that what is written has been both OBSERVED and repeatedly EXPERIMENTED on. And for the vast majority of physics and chemistry, that IS the case, it’s REAL and observable science. The problems mainly arise when we get to the BIG theories that determine the origins of Earth, or mankind, or life itself. You know, the questions that are easily answered by reading the Bible.

Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

What does this verse mean to “become as little children”, children are very smart beings. They always ask the obvious questions that adults stopped thinking about when their school teachers essentially told us to stop questioning reality when we were in public school. Children see the world as it is and accepts what they can observe. I remember being a kid, of course the Earth was flat, I never actually thought about it until I was told it was a globe, why else do teachers always start off by attempting to disprove the flat earth with “Columbus sailing the Ocean Blue.” This post won’t be about the flat earth, but the same principle applies to all truths.

With the Flat Earth realized, and the heliocentric universe exposed, what are the other two biggest claims out there that lead millions to deny the truth of the Bible, and of God himself? I would argue they would be the Big Bang Theory, and the Theory of Evolution, speaking primarily on MACRO-evolution. “Micro-evolution” can be observed with sub-species having different traits to one another, macro-evolution on the other hand would be one species randomly having a mutation and turning into a brand new species. Of course it’s espoused that this occurs over millions and millions of years (because apparently biologists are millions of years old and can observe these changes in species despite written history only going back about 6,000 years ago!

Not once has mankind observed one species begin evolving into something else, all the creatures that exist, remain as they were when they were created by God. Outside of specific breeds of certain species like dogs, chickens, horses, etc, but again that is NOT macro-evolution. The entire concept of the Earth being millions and billions of years old is nonsense in and of itself, they use these time-frames because cannot comprehend how much time that truly is! It causes people’s brains to shutdown and just accept what they are told by the “professionals”.

download (1).jpg

Real geology and paleontology also shows records that man existed alongside dinosaurs PRIOR to the world-wide Flood!


But supposedly MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of years passed since the SUPPOSED extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago and the first appearance of man 2.5 million years ago – which again still any real records of human civilization only popped up about 6,000 years ago, coinciding with Biblical Creationism!

I’m going to post a video below showing Kent Hovind obliterate the Big Bang and Evolution theories. Kent Hovind hasn’t yet looked into the Flat Earth yet but I do not jump on the bandwagon of attacking him for that yet, his ego may be blocking him but he may yet come around to it, pray for him on the matter, but he did great work in exposing evolution and the big bang so I hold much respect for him.


I mean just stop and really think of the Big Bang Theory for a moment, it’s ok to laugh too. I know, it’s absolutely ridiculous when you actually ponder it. That’s the thing about Scientism, which is the culmination of BELIEFS promoted by the mainstream that are believed by the majority, yet most do not truly understand. These topics include macro-evolution, the big bang, the heliocentric model, gravity, the globe earth, etc. What it really is, is a lie built upon another lie. You know when you tell a lie, and then people question something in your made up story and you need to make up yet another lie to cover for the original lie? It’s that exact same thing, but on a massive scale. How do they hide God from the people? Lie about his creation, turn the truth UPSIDE DOWN.

And then they back these lies up, which again I must emphasize, there lacks any OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE, with mathematical formulas and equations derived from calculus which was founded by none other than Isaac Newton in his attempt to back up his theory of gravity. The math itself is not wrong, not at all. But I am saying in these equations that these priests of scientism put out to back up their theories, the numbers can be made up to prove whatever they want to. How many people actually question what the equations really mean? How many people have attempted to derive the formula for themselves? Especially regarding “outer Space” and other planets, considering you know, we’ve never been there to measure the mass of these planets, assuming the Copernican Cosmology to be correct, or even really know what elements comprise these planets or their atmospheres. Yet these scientists are able to release audio clips showing us what Saturn SOUNDS like! What!?

With the records we actually have of human history, we should be able to clearly see that it really only goes back about 6,000 years, and the overwhelming evidence supporting a world-wide flood including that of many ancient cultures depicting such an event. These cultures also depict artwork of dinosaurs that are eerily accurate to what we assume they would have looked like today. How would these ancients have known what a dinosaur was if dinosaurs weren’t discovered until the 1800’s? Maybe they lived alongside man? Maybe some of them lived up until just a few centuries ago? If that’s the case then birds and reptiles aren’t simply the evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs, but in fact just different species that were created.

The closest we will ever see of “macro-evolution” is the evil hybrid experiments that are being conducted, and were being conducted thousands of years ago before the flood. With the merging of human and animal genes. That’s what the chimera’s of the Pre-flood world were. Minotaurs, centaurs, etc.. all these fantasy creatures have stories around their existence! This may also include other cryptic creatures rumored to exist today; Nessie, Champie, Bigfoot, Dogman, Mothman, etc. Just going to add in, at least with Bigfoot, a lot of sightings coincide with UFO sightings so there may be a connection with these creatures and the fallen angels that probably created them.

hqdefault (1).jpg

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur lived in the Labyrinth on the Island of Crete and humans were sacrificed to it where the captives would attempt to escape the maze and were hunted by the Minotaur who ate them. I believe all these various pagan myths are based on truths! I think it’s foolish to think it’s all hogwash.

I hope this was a good explanation of the importance of understand creationism and how foolish modern science truly is with their theories on the Big Bang and macro-evolution. All I really want people to do is question what you are taught and begin to ask questions as if you were once again a child. You need to base your reality on what you can observe and experiment for yourself. That’s what REAL science is! That’s the goal of this post. Once again, on these topics I could write entire books going into detail destroying different claims, but really all that information is freely available on the internet already, and the wisdom of the Bible paints the truth very clearly as well if you would only read it literally.

Once again I thank you for reading my daily post and God bless!

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