Living to Work, or Working to Live?

I ask whether you are living to work or working to live because in this system that is in place, that is built off of debt and a paper currency that is not backed up with any real, tangible wealth, the vast majority of the Western population is living to work. Rent, bills, car payments, credit card payments, taxes, food and then spending the little leftover money on fun or items to escape reality like alcohol or tobacco products. This is not the way the World was meant to be.

Work is good. It builds character, discipline and hopefully the individual can find a line of work they feel passion for. Some of the happiest people you will find have a job doing what they love, and that passion is different for everyone. Some people love to drive trucks, some people love to build homes, some people love to work on motor engines, others love to design, cook, farm, the list goes on and on. This is the natural way for a free market, people find their niche, and feel real purpose in what they do, helping and providing services or goods to others, and making a decent living in the process.


But nowadays with the overwhelming amount of bills and debts, ridiculous regulations in the economy, requirements to be licensed or have a formal education in order to start a particular career and the huge shift from blue collar labor to white collar jobs has taken a toll on the working man in the Western world primarily. With the emphasis on need of money to survive, and many jobs being sent overseas, and our economy being at this point, mostly retail and food service, there is a huge lack of skilled labor and subsequently, many people aren’t able to find their passion as many entry level jobs require two years experience, even though that makes absolutely zero sense, then it wouldn’t be an ENTRY level job would it? Why do you need two years experience to be a construction laborer doing menial tasks?

And these jobs that do exist are MISERABLE, corporate garbage! Work at a chain restaurant and earn crumbs while serving poison to customers, being nagged by management while they are nagged by corporate over minute things. There’s no passion to be found in these jobs. Of course you can go through University or College, and bite your tongue as each and every class shoves Cultural Marxist propaganda down your throats, and core math classes are taught by foreign teachers that don’t even speak English. I’m sorry for ranting here, but the process is really enraging, I can’t do the College thing, I did three years and can’t tolerate another second of listening to their virtue signaling. Never mind the WASTEFUL debt so many Americans are in because of College, most of which are for completely useless degrees!


The Trades are really the only good option for most Americans, carpentry, welding, landscaping, HVAC, mechanics, chefs, etc. Jobs that you can have real passion for. Mix logic with creativity as our work life SHOULD be, unlike the stiff corporate work life where you follow the algorithm to a T or get fired. In doing this, you can work to live, which is really freeing! You do the work as needed, and if you love what you do, maybe you won’t want to stop! No coming home stressed from deadlines or dreading going back to a job you despise. By doing this too you gain more control over your own life and especially your career, you are more capable of starting your own business with your skills and knowledge. I’m by no means saying any of this work is easy, absolutely not. But hard work is not something to be feared. I only fear having a job I hate and feel unfulfilled from.

And with this newfound freedom, you can have more time to pursue others interests or skills as well. Having a side business to your main career, or time to create the art you’ve always wanted to do whether that be painting, gardening, writing, or whatever medium you desire. The choices are limitless when you get freed from this system of control, get rid of the debt and extra baggage in your life. This is how we as a nation can begin building real wealth again (forgetting about the inflated U.S. dollar). For my life, I just finished up my third year of University, but I don’t plan on going back, I can’t bear the propaganda, nor do I really have that much interest in learning my major (electrical engineering) from people I can’t even understand. These are skills I can continue to learn on my own time. In the meantime I look to going into the landscaping business and on the side continuing to learn more handy skills while I always continue to learn everything that I can.

This post isn’t about bashing anyone’s career choices, or where you are in life. It’s just a heads up that this current system isn’t how it’s always been, nor how it should be. The historically protestant, free market economies always encouraged hard work and people were more apt to having passion for what they accomplished. I just want to go back to that. There is no passion to be found working for a chain restaurant. If you enjoy what you do, then keep at it! But if you do not, and you feel trapped because of debt and bills, then try to cut down on whatever is unnecessary, and try to find a different career path that aligns with your interests. And remember, Prayer is important to achieving these major changes in life, pray to the Father in Christ’s name, and the Holy Spirit will guide you to where you should be. Trust in God.

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