The Christian Life: Saying No to The Flesh

Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification

Mankind today lives for the moment, since the 1960’s we’ve been told, “If it feels good, do it!”. This mindset has led society down a dark path of losing our morality, our discipline, our willpower to stand against injustice and evil. Giving in to fleshly desires may feel good for the moment, but will leave you feeling empty afterwards.


Before I continue, I want to say that none of us are innocent, we are all guilty of this, and we all face these temptations on a daily basis. This post is not me judging others for giving in, it’s as much a lesson for myself as it is for others. Yesterday I gave in and order pizza, when people cut me off on the road, I suffer outbursts of anger. So trust me, this is not a holier than thou lambasting of others. It’s merely meant to spread the harsh truth to all, saved or unsaved, male or female, white or black, rich or poor, myself included, as we all fall short of Heaven by our own works.

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

With that out of the way, I’m going to talk about how this society is obsessed with instant gratification, especially my generation, the Millennials, and even worse is Generation Z following us. Using the term instant gratification in terms of fleshly desires, I’m not JUST talking about sex or lust, it’s inclusive of food, drink, drugs, material envy, being ruled by emotions – especially anger and hatred, and attention seeking. There’s a lot of factors as to why these younger generations are like this, not understanding the true satisfaction of delayed gratification, most of the factors are directly tied in to technology. And in a lot of ways, it’s the way Generation X and the Baby Boomers didn’t give their children enough attention, just let their kids sit in front of the TV to teach their kids for them. So when these kids grow up to be adults, they still seek this attention that they never truly got.

I’m not saying the blame lies with the Baby Boomers completely either, no. We are all guilty for our OWN choices in life, everyday is a new opportunity to better ourselves by fruitful prayer and fasting, we can resist any temptation with asking the Holy Spirit for protection. The so called “Greatest Generation” did the same thing with the Baby Boomers when they were being raised on television PROGRAMMING in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. And thus these Baby Boomers became useful idiots with the Hippie culture and that entire cultural Marxist movement centered around sex, drugs and rock and roll, pushing second wave feminism, abortion, sodomy, and a whole plethora of evil works.

Meanwhile the apostate Church in the West did very little to resist the degradation of our Judeo-Christian values and morals that were under attack. In fact the church fully embraced some of these various mediums. Just look at Hillsong, “Christian rock” bands, what an oxymoron. This kind of music is worldly, carnal, it’s of the lusts of the flesh. Even the frequency of rock music is not spiritually uplifting.

Power of Delayed Gratification

This is when you have a goal in mind, but it’s going to take years of dedication, hard work, or even letting the pieces fall into place in order to achieve a goal. Whether it’s financial, or holding off on sex until marriage. Instant gratification is getting a large sum of money overnight in a get rich quick scheme, delayed gratification is investing in a business and having long term success down the line. Sure it is tempting to sell out on your stock to get the money now, but that happiness will fade away. Just like when you crave unhealthy food, sure that pizza looks very appealing, but after you eat those highly processed carbs topped with ultra pasteurized cheeses, and added sugar tomato sauce, you feel ill and bloated. That’s because in some ways, your flesh is your own worst enemy.

It’s possible for everyone to get into the habit of denying their own desires and instead seeking the delayed gratification of having discipline and holding out for something better. And it’s not easy, it’s very difficult. Temptations come to people every single day, Satan knows what our weaknesses are. For some people it’s drugs, for others – sex, for others still – food, the list goes on and on; gambling, fighting, etc.


People love instant gratification, it’s like a drug addiction. You get a quick hit and then the benefits quickly disappear, and then before long, you crave it once again. You are a slave to these desires, a slave to sin. But we as saved Christians, have the power of call out to God and get the power to resist temptation and begin looking at the future. Being free from these temptations of instant gratification, we can invest more in our health, our businesses, our nation. And as these temptations fade away, we can begin to see the true evil behind them, the demonic entities tempting people into perpetual sin, and how it’s all been intentional in order to destroy the predominantly white-Protestant western nations which have historically been the biggest hurdle in the way of the Jesuit Order’s goal of a Vatican controlled, New World Order.


John 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

Psalm 107:14 “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder.”

If you have issues in your life that you can’t seem to overcome, whether it be unhealthy diet, addiction to sugar, alcohol, drugs, sex, or whatever, PRAY! Prayer and fasting have the power to allow you to overcome any sin or any temptation sent your way by Satan. And I believe it’s very important that we take a step back from these new technologies, I’m not saying we not use them, but it’s becoming a huge issue in the west, kids being raised on technology only feeds the overwhelming issue, it’s only going to get worse as video games get more realistic and virtual reality becomes more and more available.


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