True Science: Flat Earth Part Two

Answering Commonly Asked Questions

Ever since I first started research on the Flat Earth in September of 2015, I notice that the scoffers and mockers always ask the same questions over and over. Of course people that ask these questions doesn’t automatically equate one as a mocker or scoffer, there is a minority of people that are genuinely curious. And it’s for that minority of people, I dedicate this blog to answering some common questions about the Flat Earth, based off my research, my perspective, and my faith in the Word of God, the 1611 King James Bible.


Why has no one fallen off the edge!?

This one right here is a common question. And one that different people will give different answers. The Flat Earth Society, whom I consider controlled opposition and a bunch of clowns, may say that the Flat Earth is floating in space and moving upwards at 9.8 m/s^2. They’ll promote artwork of water flowing off the edge into the nothingness of space and that’s where this question stems from I believe.

Mocking artwork

Now I believe the Earth appears as a round disk, what we call the North Pole, centered around Polaris, is at the center. Which is also magnetic north. With north being at the center, then south is the direction pointing away from the center, towards what we know as Antarctica. Antarctica is not a continent, it is an ice ring that encompasses the Flat Earth. The farther you travel inland on this ice ring, the colder it gets…MUCH COLDER.

flat earth gif

Look at the GIF above, obviously it is a very rough presentation of how the sun and moon operate on the flat earth, and the reality is much more intricate. As you can see as you move farther south, which is anywhere towards the outer edge, you would be mover farther away from the sun, explaining why it gets so cold down there, so cold you will freeze to death without proper equipment and multiple layers of clothing.

I believe God put the firmament, which is a dome around the flat earth which separates the waters in the earth from the waters above (when you look at stars through a telescope, they do appear as if they are underwater) purposely far into the ice ring so that no living man will be able to reach it. Mankind has tried many times in the past to breach the firmament, such as the Tower of Babel and even recently with Operation Fishbowl.

So no, there is no “edge” to the flat earth, there is a firmament. There are some flat earthers that believe the ice wall is the edge, some that believe flat earth is an infinite plane and our portion is but one “puddle”, there are also some that believe it’s more of a pac-man realm with portals and what not. But this is my answer to this common question.

How does circumnavigation work?

Very simple answer, in fact I will just answer it with two pictures. Compare them.

Magellan’s voyage on the Mercator map representing the globe
magellan flat.jpg
Magellan’s voyage on the AE map (Flat Earth)

Circumnavigation works the exact same way on the flat earth. NEXT!

How do seasons work on the flat earth?

Now this is a very legitimate question, and at first glance it seems like a “gotcha!” for flat earthers. But the answer is actually quite simple. Over the course of a year, the sun revolves around Polaris but not in a perfect circle. It actually fluctuates between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn over the course of a year.


When it is Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is closer to the tropic of Cancer, hence why it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. When it is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun is closer to the Tropic of Capricorn, and hence why it is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is localized, remember my last post, the sun is much closer and smaller than we are told than in the Heliocentric model.

Sun doing a figure 8 over the course of a year showing it fluctuating between the Tropics.

So as you can see, the answer is very simple, it’s not because the globe just happens to be tilted at 23.4 degrees. Fun fact: 90 degrees – 23.4 degrees = 66.6 degrees. Just a coincidence though right?


These would be the most common questions I find, other ones I see are ones like “Why isn’t the entire earth always day time”, that would be answered in my blog, “True Science: Flat Earth Part One” where I go over how the Sun is close and small. Another big question, “What about time zones”. They work they same way, watch the animation of the AE map, above, at you look at the center of the flat earth, magnetic north, east and west would be to your right and left respectively. And they would be constantly turning as your relation to Polaris changes. North, south, east and west are merely man made directions, all compasses really are is pointing to the magnetic source, which would be polaris, which everything in the firmament, Sun, moon and stars revolve around.

Flat Earth Part One here –


Thank you for reading!

God bless!




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