The Christian Life: Simplicity is Better

Consumerism and Keeping Up with the Joneses is Killing You!

Since the mid-20th century, Americans primarily have been fed the “American Dream”, a nice happy family, nice car, lawn, dog, white picket fence. Not a bad idea, and worked practically for suburbia in the 1950’s and 1960’s before the Hippie movement, 2nd Wave Feminism, taking the dollar off the gold standard in 1971, and other factors turned this dream into requiring massive amounts of debt to achieve. Unfortunetely even though the real financial means to live a nice, luxurious “American” life faded, more and more people flocked to it because they need to achieve that economic and financial status in the eyes of others.

Thus the whole “Keeping up with the Joneses” came about. People continuing to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have. Taking up more space in their homes, a lot of the things doing nothing but collecting dust, meanwhile usually purchased with a credit card and paid back with minimum payments accruing more and more interest.


Not only are people spending money they don’t have with credit, but the American, and more the most part, most of the Western economies in general aren’t building real wealth like we used to in the past with our factories and flourishing industries creating products that people want or need. Nowadays the vast majority of products are made for cheap overseas in nations with close to no labor laws where Western economies cannot compete. I’m a huge supporter of a laissez faire economy, but the truth is for that to work property, all nations have to have the same standards in order to truly compete.. to do that we’d have to get rid of the ridiculous regulations we have set up in our country, including minimum wage which is also tied to the increased cost of living over the past few decades, OR we enact protective trade tariffs.

Aside from international trade, our economy is completely eviscerated by the Jesuit controlled Federal Reserve, run by the Rothschild Banking Family who serve the Vatican. In fact all but three nations have a centralized bank owned by these Jesuits, these nations are Syria, North Korea and Iran.. years prior other nations like Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya were included, interesting that we attacked three of them and then they get Rothschild owned central banks installed. Must be a coincidence huh?

So then what do we do?

Down-grade, Get debt free, attempt Self-Sufficiency

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First and foremost you should focus on getting rid of all debt. Dave Ramsey has a great plan on doing that which includes first setting up a $1,000 emergency fund and then snowball the debt, starting from the smallest debt to the largest, usually vehicles, student loans or a home. The reason for this is you gain momentum as you knock each debt off the list and then continue to throw your money at knocking at the next goal. To be successful, you should try to set up a budget for your monthly income and then list all bills and other costs like food, clothing, entertainment, etc. Anything not allocated to a bill or necessary fund, goes to debt.

Proverbs 22:7 “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

God makes it clear that being in debt is not a good thing!

Proverbs 22:26 “Be not thou one of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts.”

So other ways to speed up your process of getting debt free would be to downgrade, which you may find is beneficial in other ways, especially if it’s a home. Not only can you get a large chunk of money in equity to put towards the debt, but with downgrading comes less stress. Think about having a home that is bigger than is really required. More rooms to clean, more stuff to store away, more things to maintain, less money in your pocket.

There are a lot of people today that are waking up to what has been brought upon us with consumerism, other than the debt and stress, there is also the toxic food, drink, and the terrible health of the average American. Thus, people are turning back towards the old ways; going off-the-grid, downgrading to tiny homes, attempting to be more self-sufficient overall. Growing their own fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy products on their homesteads. Cutting off their connection to the grid and either getting away from electricity overall, or supplying their own with solar power. Collecting and filtering their own rain water for consumption. Composting waste to use for crops. There is a huge drive in today’s world to try to find true happiness and peace of mind working the land for themselves.


The degree to which you attempt to be self-sufficient is completely up to you. How much you want to deal with the system and the grid in exchange for comfort is what keeps most people living paycheck to paycheck. But the more you go to step away from the comfort of the system, and push your self, you may find you have talents and skills you didn’t know you had, and a serenity in your life despite working very hard, sweating and getting dirty. It’s the difference between working to live, and living to work. In this system we only live to work, we build wealth for the Jesuits and Freemasons that rule the world and in exchange we get some crumbs as they dangle a carrot in front of us while also keeping us in poor health.

At the time being, I am still working on getting debt free, I have used the snowball method to get rid of all my various credit cards and am almost done paying off my car. I made a very stupid decision back when I was in the Army to buy a brand new, $40,000 truck which set me way back, thankfully I was able to whittle it down to an amount where I could trade it in with equity and got rid of the majority of the debt. I have also begun growing vegetables on some raised garden beds to get some experience and in the near future I want to get some chickens for fresh, free range eggs. I’m just enjoying the whole journey towards economic freedom and freedom from the system, of course it makes it easier when I can already rest assured that I am redeemed through the finished works of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will keep the blog updated as I make advances in the future towards my self-sufficiency!

God Bless!


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