True Science: Flat Earth Part One

The Lie We Lived:

For the past 500 years the world has been taught that the Earth is a globe and revolving around the sun, which is also revolving around the Milky Way Galaxy. And yet, the constellations in our night sky haven’t changed noticeably at all in the past 5,000 years or so. How exactly does that work? Yeah I know what the given response will be, “relativity man!”, ok, but if everything in the Universe is revolving around everything else, in every which direction at a given time, there SHOULD be at least a tiny change in our known constellations, something observably noticeable. Since you know that’s what real science is, it can be backed up by OBSERVATION, not just mathematical equations.

flat earth gif.gif
Azimuthal Equidistant (AE) map that is a good representation of what many believe the flat earth to look like

Now those suffering from cognitive dissonance will argue that the Greeks discovered that the Earth was a globe based off the experiment conducted by Eratosthenes, a mathematician, geographer, poet and astronomer. In about 300 b.c. he placed two sticks, one in Alexandria and another in Syene, where both cities lie on the same Meridian line and at noon he calculated the length of the shadows cast by these two sticks and deducted that the earth was a globe because if it was flat, then the shadows should be equal length. The problem lies in the fact that the experiment would turn out the same way if the Earth was flat and the sun was much closer and smaller than in the Copernican Cosmology. If the Sun is about 3,000 to 3,500 miles up, and only about 32 miles in diameter, the results would end up the same.


Now shall we get into what stirred the globe earth beliefs and the Copernican Cosmology around 500 years ago? In many ways it’s a direct counter to the Protestant Reformation that kicked off in Europe in 1517. The Roman Catholic Church was losing it’s temporal power hold over the regions of Germany, the Netherlands, parts of France and England. During this time was the creation of the evil Jesuit Order, founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1540 to lead the Counter-Reformation to destroy all the Protestants and disallow people to be able to read the Bible for themselves in their own languages. But overlapping the overt slaughter going on by the Roman Catholic Church, there were the more covert means of attempting to subvert the Word of God, and in history books is taught as a secular movement, but it’s really not. The Pope of Rome financed these Renaissance astronomers, it was the Catholic Church that made the Copernican Cosmology accepted, and the laughably false concept of gravity.

In fact the heliocentric model is largely Occult in nature, helio meaning the sun. The occult and all mainstream religions, especially Roman Catholicism actually worship the Sun, not the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Two very different things. Look at Catholic artwork, ever wonder why there is always a Halo around people’s heads… Sun Worship.

Artwork of the Catholic Mary, notice the Halo is evident to represent the Sun. Mary of Catholicism is ISIS, the Queen of Heaven.

Now what about the supposed curvature?

Completely flat horizons seen from different regions and from a high altitude balloon.
Chicago Skyline

You will always see these pictures shown to the public showing the Earth with massive amounts of visible curvature, most notably the Red Bull Space Jump event, where you can see the curvature of the Earth wobble back and forth with the camera moving. Why is that? It’s because they used a fish-eye lens camera. These lenses distort the curvature, if you were to look directly straight on to the horizon, it would be flat. Slightly above you would see some curvature, high above, massive amounts of curvature. If you aimed below the horizon, the curve would be opening upwards, proving that it is the lens distorting the horizon.

You can clearly see at 3:25 in this video how it distorts, and obviously look at the massive amounts of curvature during the jump. Finish the sphere, yet you can clearly see farmland below, whereas with that curve you should be seeing about 1/4 of the supposed globe.

No Real Photos of Earth from Space

To seal the deal for the Flat Earth, is the fact there is not ONE SINGLE real photo of the Earth from space. Of course that is even giving the concept of “outer space” the time of day as I believe we live under a firmament and outside of that firmament is Heaven where God and the New Jerusalem reside. But I digress, no matter how much you look, every picture you see of the globe is either CGI, or a composite image. Now why is that, tens of thousands of satellites supposedly revolving around the Earth, crews sent to the moon in the 70’s, yet not a single real photo?


This photo speaks for itself, the continents magically change size.

I hope this serves as a basic introduction into the Flat Earth. In a future post I will talk about why they lied and I will answer basic questions such as how seasons work on the Flat Earth.



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