Who Is William Smith? Background and Testimony.

Growing Up:

My name is William Smith, I was born on September 23, 1992 at a hospital in Stoughton, MA at 7:49PM EST. As a child I grew up in a small suburban town of Mansfield, MA where I remained until I graduated High School. From a young age I got hooked on playing computer games, especially games that made me think and I had to figure things out. Games like Zelda and Final Fantasy were very memorable to help quench my curious young mind and strategy games like Warcraft II and Starcraft were also among my favorites as they required more thought compared to many other genres of games out there or other mediums of entertainment such as television.

Ever since that young age I have always enjoyed a mental challenge. In school I was always drawn especially to mathematics, having a natural talent while many others struggled. I also loved learning history, I always wanted to be a historian when I grew up, that is until I found out a lot of the history taught in public schools is revisionist history and falsified. Other main interests in school revolved around the physical sciences, which peaked and dipped throughout my life. And finally I wanted to just be a writer, I always loved writing, words just flowed naturally onto paper (or keyboard) for me, so long as the subject was of interest to me that is. Even as a kid I would start writing fictional grandiose stories in my own free time. I never ended up doing anything with them, but I just enjoyed writing them, and they definitely were a spark to my creativity, which unfortunately began to fade away as I got further into public schooling and the unnatural rhythm of modern society.

As a kid I did play outside, although I usually preferred to be on my own doing my own thing. I was and still am very much an introvert and preferred to do things my way. The way I saw things was the more people involved with something, the stupider it gets, more unnecessary rules that only complicate an otherwise simple task or game or whatever is involved. Little did I know at the time this was the beginning of my awakening, but already not “needing” a group to validate my existence. Of course I won’t actually know this until many, many years later and attempts to change myself ever so slightly to fit in. Looking back I can see just how bright kids generally are, everyone knows it too. Little kids always ask those just obvious questions that even you still wonder inside your head, and it makes you uncomfortable when they ask, your cognitive dissonance is kicking in because each and every last one of us knows that the ways things are, are not the way they SHOULD be. Yet we foolishly continue to delude ourselves because we would be considered “crazy” for not following the group.

As I advanced through my public “education”, or should I say indoctrination, and combined with a terrible diet growing up, I was definitely in a depressive stage looking back as I was in High School, really no friends, which in and of itself didn’t bother me, but I spent all my free time playing World Of Warcraft after school and staying up into the late hours of the morning and then waking up at 6:00 AM for school. I still ended up maintaining A’s and B’s the entire time is school with pathetically little effort on my part, school was ridiculously easy for me. But alas, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after school, it was at this time too I started listening to political talk radio and following current events, which of course also led me down a path towards the “conspiracy theory” route, learning about freemasonry, the Illuminati, the New World Order, chemtrails, etc. With all this new information in my mind combined with researching on my own real history, I threw away the idea of being a historian, and I had stopped writing years prior so I never followed through with that either. I ended up in my junior year of High School enlisted in the United States Army as an infantryman.

It was also during this time in High School that I was introduced to the Bible for the first real time as I was doing research on the New World Order and what the freemasons sought to achieve. This led me to some online pastors that brought the entire conspiracy back to the Bible, and upon learning all this it clicked in me as if the truth had been in me all along. Among these online pastors was Brother Eric Jon Phelps, whom I still follow to this day. If you are interested you can check him out at 247worldradio.com

Eric Jon Phelps (left) and “Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of my Friends” written by EJP (Right)


In the Army:

I graduated from High School in June of 2011 and I shipped off to Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA on July 5, 2011. For the year prior to shipping off I had gotten my diet on track and got myself into shape so I could make the best of my Army career in which I believed I would try to stay in until retirement. A lot of people questioned why I joined especially considering where I stood politically and of course my “conspiracy” beliefs regarding the wars, 9/11 and foreign policy. Despite all my disagreements, I joined because I still was a nationalist to the country and I felt I owed it, I guess it was a conviction, and despite everything, I’m glad I did.

After Basic Training I ended up getting stationed at Fort Carson, CO which is right outside of Colorado Springs, CO, right next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and about a forty five minute drive south of Denver. I absolutely loved being out in Colorado, it was so much more natural than back home in Massachusetts. I had a difficult time adjusting to the new unit as I was very socially awkward and not nearly as in shape as most others that joined were, but I got through the long hazing phases of unit adaption, not truly enjoying my time in though because of all the unnecessary bureaucratic paperwork, power points on not raping people, common sense extended safety briefs, mass punishments because some upper NCO drove drunk so all the lower enlisted get punished. I understood the necessity of building team cohesion and discipline, so I didn’t hate it for that, I hated it because of it’s innate collectivist conditioning.

In 2013 my unit had a readiness deployment to Kuwait, called Operation Spartan Shield. I was a driver of a Bradley Fighting Vehicle at the time and our job was to have joint training exercises with the Kuwait military, specifically in case of war with Iran. We spent weeks out in the barren desert conducting training exercises and I spent the time where I was essentially trapped in the driver’s hatch of the BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle) to read my King James Bible for the first time front to back which I asked my Dad to mail me from back home. I just remember a couple months span where if I wasn’t actively training, in the gym or at the chow hall, I was reading my Bible through to completion. I had a very powerful faith at the time… however, in the coming months after that I fell into a depression in the second half of my deployment, I believe was contributed to how toxic the leadership was in my unit, combined with not having any faith in the United States Military to do any good anymore as I believed when I first joined, I had thought the average joe was an informed, patriot American, and well a lot of them are, but many are blinded by hate or the lies spewed to them.

Over the time I had a falling away from my faith, and I began obsessing myself once again with what I would do after the Army. Obviously College was on my mind and I wanted to major in a scientific field, I bought every science magazine I could buy at the commissary and read them all, I went to the Recreation Tent and logged on YouTube and would watch Neil Degrasse Tyson videos that would entice me, I decided, I would be an astro-physicist! With what I know now, I laugh hysterically at that idea but it drew me in at the time, and I don’t know what came over me, but I slowly drifted towards an atheistic worldview, of course closely associated with my negative mindset at the time.


This mindset would last me until we returned back to Colorado in October, 2013. Upon returning home I had about $15 thousand saved up in my account and I, of course knew better yet wasted it on a brand new truck, and alcohol since I turned 21 while in Kuwait. I also wasted money at a strip club.

About two weeks later, it was one of my friend’s 21st birthdays coming up and we decided to go up to Denver to celebrate, altogether there were four of us and of my friend’s girlfriends came too. We got a hotel room and then walked downtown and found a bar and racked up a $500 bar tab that we split. We stayed at the bar for a couple hours getting very drunk, we eventually left and began walking back to the hotel getting lost in downtown Denver, in the middle of the night, but we eventually made it back. That was when my friend whose birthday it was took out a baggie from his bag that had five

images.jpg smaller baggies of dried psychedelic mushrooms in them, a 1/8th of an ounce each. At this point in my life outside of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, I had never done any drugs before, not even marijuana but I went for it as I was curious.

We all ate the mushrooms and I had the most unique experience of my life, sensations that are almost indescribable. The merging of the senses, the feeling of knowing everything yet not being able to explain it, the feeling of being as light as a feather one moment to the next being so heavy and not being able to lift your hand. The experience was so intriguing to me, and there was definitely a very powerful spiritual essence to it. How could I possibly maintain an atheistic worldview after this?

And it was true, when I woke up the next morning I felt fantastic, I felt so alive, so motivated. I had another spiritual awakening, although this time it was of the New Age spirituality. Over the coming months I kept getting more dried shrooms so I could keep getting these experiences and try to learn more. I also began practicing meditation and tried doing some yoga to attempt to bring back that feeling, but no other substitute compared to consuming psychedelics. I notice the more I delved into this New Age spirituality that my political views began shifting ever so slightly, towards more of an “inclusive” neo-liberal, idealist type views. This would all continue until I got out of the Army and then again for about another year afterwards.

After the Army:

I wound up getting out of the Army in August of 2014 and I went back home to Massachusetts. It was too late to sign up for school so I just got a job at a restaurant and worked as a server and eventually a line cook to make enough money for bills. During this time I continued going down the New Age Path until September of 2015. It was about that time that I decided to go back to watching my old conspiracy videos I had saved on playlists on my YouTube account as I hadn’t been paying attention to much going on in the world since I had my falling away from my faith. What I didn’t expect however was in the related videos of some of my videos, was something I initially scoffed at. Flat Earth videos. “Is this a joke?” I asked myself snickering as I went on to ignore the recommendations without even giving them a chance.

Days went on re-watching old documentaries and other “conspiracy” videos and then I kept seeing the flat earth related videos and I gave in and watched one. Not even five minutes into the video I am already perplexed with the information put before me and I’m questioning my entire paradigm, a feeling I am all too familiar with first being introduced to conspiracies, and then again when I first took psychedelic mushrooms. Over the coming days I obsessed and watched every flat earth video I could find, everything was making sense. I even went back to my thoughts as a kid, remember when I said kids are bright and just know things. When I was a kid I never naturally thought the earth was a ball flying through space! I don’t think any kid does! They are merely taught that from a young age, every classroom having a globe in it to reinforce that indoctrination!

Upon accepting that the Earth was indeed flat and stationary, and that “Outer space” did not exist. I was left at a crossroads. Everything I had learned about when I was a christian truther came flooding back into my mind. I had learned about the New Age deception, I had learned that it’s all a lie, “We are all gods” nonsense, then I went back to watch those christian videos and I couldn’t believe how much of a fool I had been falling away from the faith like that. Of course I was angry though, I liked my New Age beliefs, I could do whatever I wanted, I was God wasn’t I? It took time but with fervent prayer, God washed me away from all those deceptions and I gracefully came back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since that time, September of 2015, I have continued to grow in the faith, and never again will I be deceived, in fact my own falling away gives me greater fuel for my testimony in the long run.

Also since that time I have been going to school using my GI Bill, going for Electrical Engineering and biting my tongue through my general education courses where everything white, heterosexual christian males have done is wrong and bad! But I have had second thoughts on school and am very strongly pursuing going down a trade skill route instead of University.

A great part of my future blog posts will be to expose the New Age deception and how their beliefs are largely counterfeit of God’s true creation, along with the New Agers, I will also be exposing false gnostic beliefs that largely the Jesuit Order and the Freemasons follow as ALL lies and ALL false religions stem from the same source, Satan.

So This is Who I am:

-I am a born again, Bible believing Christian

-I am a conspiracy-realist

-I am a flat earther

-I support people going off the grid and starting a homestead

-I am anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, anti-chemtrails, anti-fluoride

-I am a nationalist

-I seek to become a private citizen

-I believe the ketogenic diet is the best healing diet there is alongside intermittent fasting

-I will always expose the Jesuit Order and their plans for a New World Order

-I will always support the Jewish people, knowing that it is jesuit coadjutors attempting to garner hatred for the Jews for what Rome is responsible for doing.


Even if only a couple of these statements resonate with you, I implore you to keep following me and keep an open mind and open heart for the information I seek to provide. The programming brought down upon us, most of us from birth is very powerful but it can be reversed. Above all, all men are called to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, that he died for your sins and rose from the dead, and he is God manifest in the flesh. Through faith in Christ, all things are possible, and all truth comes from Christ.

John 16:13 “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” KJV

3 Comments Add yours

  1. grogalot says:

    Well Bill, you have along way to go. We were almost born on the same day. Me the 22nd Sep, 1935. Life is really simple if you know who you are. I didn’t think much about religion, but at about 70 I decided it was important to confront the misty mind of the religious. Why do people believe in the supernatural? The monotheists have been conned into believing that they will be resurrected and spend eternity in heaven with Dad. Humans are not a special species, but the deluded believe so. There is no resurrection and without that there is no need for God. God must go the way of Santa Clause! GROG


  2. @Gorogalot: First I would like to say thank you for reading my blog and giving your opinion. But I would like to respectfully disagree about your claims, especially about humans not being special. Now when you specify the “religious” I can get behind that. I am not religious, I hate organized religion. The Church has always been about faith and fellowship with fellow believers, but organized churches, especially Roman Catholicism, pervert God’s Word to fit their special narratives.

    Over time I will be exposing the bogus scientism beliefs that the masses hold onto for your claim that humans aren’t special. Emphasis of course on the absurb concept of evolution, the big bang theory and the overall heliocentric, copernican cosmology.


  3. grogalot says:

    William I didn’t say we humans are not special, we are, but we are not a special species that is capable of regenerating itself. We are special in that we are experiencing life now. From all of those thousands of generations before us, we were born and survived. Not only are we special, we have been very lucky. GROG


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